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Some child custody and child support cases must begin with a paternity action. This is the case when parentage is not agreed on. Perhaps parents are unmarried or a child is the product of a marriage that is ending in divorce. The Law Offices of John Ferrara can guide you through a paternity case while minimizing related difficulties.

In most cases, however, parentage is not in dispute. Separating or divorcing couples often need education and astute representation. With the help of qualified a lawyer, they will be prepared to negotiate or litigate to determine where children will live and when the child will visit the other parent. State guidelines typically determine questions of child support.

When parents agree, a child custody and visitation case can be streamlined. A court order will clarify parental rights and responsibilities after a separation or divorce.

What Individual Factors Will Affect Your Child Custody Case?

At The Law Offices of John Ferrara in Monticello, Sullivan County, New York, we have learned that the best methods toward successful resolution of a child custody and visitation matter are case-specific. Individual details such as the following will factor into the outcome:

  • Parents’ availability, considering that some parents’ careers make it difficult for them to make a case for primary custody, given their long working hours
  • Elements that may make a parent unfit, such as drug addiction, child abuse or the presence of a sex offender as a love interest in the parent’s home
  • Environmental factors that demonstrate or disprove a parent’s preparedness to watch out for a child’s best interests

Although many child custody and support cases are settled outside of court, we aim to prepare every case as if for trial. We gather evidence and prepare arguments in support of our clients’ stated goals. We impress upon our clients the importance of honesty. If there is a mental health issue or some other complicating factor, we can best advocate for our clients when we have all essential facts early in a case.

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