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Every divorce entails division of assets including bank accounts, real estate, vehicles and more. A final divorce decree will spell out who gets each asset and what actions spouses may need to take such as selling the marital home and dividing the proceeds. A divorce decree may also mention division of debts. When a couple has minor children together, a divorce must also address child custody and visitation. Whether you’re going through a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce in Sullivan County, NY or in Monticello, NY, you must get help from an experienced divorce attorney.

Is Your New York Divorce Likely To Be Uncontested?

You may believe you have an uncontested divorce ahead of you if you and your spouse agree on how assets will be divided and if applicable, where children will live and when they will see a noncustodial parent. A couple’s agreed-upon separation agreement can document the agreements in advance of a petition or summons, and streamline the divorce process. The process of an uncontested divorce is pretty straight forward, but you can get help from an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Sullivan County, NY by calling The Law Offices of John Ferrara at (845) 794-1303

What Aspects Of Your Divorce Will Require Time And Effort To Resolve?

In practical terms, however, most divorces are contested to some degree. When individuals or couples approach our Monticello family law firm of The Law Offices of John Ferrara, we typically uncover some area that requires settlement negotiations, such as:

  • Complex property division
  • High-asset property division
  • Division of retirement assets
  • Provisions for health insurance coverage after the divorce
  • Determination of self-employed spouses’ incomes
  • Division of a business
  • Assignment of ownership of the marital home post-divorce

People approaching both contested and uncontested divorces are often concerned about costs. At The Law Offices of John Ferrara in Sullivan County, New York, our lawyer honestly discloses to clients how to keep a divorce or child custody case as cost-effective as can be.

At the same time, we let clients know that we are prepared to litigate as necessary. Our clients and their spouses effectively decide whether a case will be straightforward or complicated. Our years of experience have given us knowledge and experience that help us guide clients appropriately toward the most promising paths to reasonable outcomes.

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