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Client Testimonials

“I was treated with respect. John is very knowledgeable. Explained all options to me. I felt very comfortable with his advice and would highly recommend him. Any court proceedings are scary. John’s knowledge of the law, straightforwardness, and prompt responses to my questions was a comfort. I also have to say it was really nice to call him and he would personally answer the phone. Again, I would highly recommend him.”

Steven B.

“John Ferrara did an amazing job I can’t thank him enough for his services, he is an amazing lawyer. He does amazing work and takes the time to meet with you, makes sure you have everything you need and fights to make sure you get the best.”

Nicholas D.

“Mr. Ferrara treated me with respect. He was very kind and did not sugar coat things. He kept me updated on everything. Mr. Ferrara was the best decision ever made. Mr. Ferrara was great to me he is the best attorney and I would tell everyone he is the best.”

Kimberly T.

“John treated me honestly, looked out for my best interests, and was extremely professional. Was always kept informed of the most important issues and helped me navigate difficult situations for many years. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to my friends or family members.”

Kevin V.

“Outstanding first class representation”

Sunshine A.

“The very best law firm you could have, very diligent, very knowledgeable, very hard working.”

Joe J.

“John and his firm were a pleasure to work with. John is an exceptional attorney and I would highly recommend him and his firm. Pat”

Pat R.

“I hired Mr. Ferrara for a family law case. I found him to be very knowledgeable and he explained the case and options to proceed in a very practical manner. He was thorough and efficient in the use of his time on the case. I am very satisfied with Mr. Ferrara’s services and would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Wallace P.

“I recently needed a lawyer to handle a court appearance. I met with Mr. Ferrara and found him to be very attentive and always treated me with respect. I couldn’t have asked for better representation in my case. He is extremely professional and I would recommend him to my family and friends if they needed a lawyer.”

Richard M.

“John Ferrara is a trustworthy lawyer. He is always respectful of my situation and focuses on the important details while providing sound advice that is grounded in the principles of law. I have used him as counsel periodically and presently to represent me over the past 7 years.”

Bethany E.

“Me and my husband hired John last year to represent us and he was very respectful and professional. You could call him on his cell phone email him he always got back to you right away with any questions or concerns that you had. I must say he did have a different approach where he stayed calm and a lot of times he would just say you have to trust me we’re going to do this or we’re going to do that and I must say his approach really worked he knows what he’s doing and he help me win my case. Most lawyers go into the court room and they’re very aggressive they have a big bark but that’s it. John is the very opposite he’s very calm and states the facts and really gets things done. I would highly recommend him to anybody!”

Christina P.

The best hands down!

“My lawyer is simply the best! I’m so very glad he Is my lawyer! He is trying his best to help me and so far it’s good but my lawyer busts his butt to make sure I get my kids back! He is amazing HANDS DOWN! THANK YOU, MR.FERRARA!!!”


Best Choice

“John Ferrara represented my husband and me in a family court matter. He returned every call and email. He met with us numerous times to review our case, explain things to us and guide us in making decisions. His thoroughness was above and beyond anything we expected. He was compassionate to our situation. Our case ended with a court decision in our favor. All thanks to John Ferrara.”



“I contacted Mr. Ferrara after having been brought to court three times in four years by my ex. From the initial consultation, it was clear that I was dealing with a consummate professional. Mr. Ferrara took the time to truly understand the situation and was very clear at every step what he was doing on my behalf. Communication was always clear and there was never a time when I wasn’t able to contact him. His response time was always quick. He is well versed in Family Law and that is apparent in the documents he filed on my behalf. I highly recommend him.”


John Ferrara-Family Law
“Mr. Ferrara was ALWAYS a fair, professional, respectful, knowledgeable and compassionate attorney. Due to the nature of my case, Mr. Ferrara and I worked together for many years. He is well-versed In the family law. I always appreciated his honesty. Even when I did not like the information he had to present to me, I was always better off knowing the facts he provided. He is thorough, intelligent and hard working. He is a credit to his field. It is without hesitation and my pleasure to recommend him as a family law attorney.”


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